The Swedish network consists of Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) who work actively with support for researcher mobility. The members of the network meet two-three times a year and exchange useful information, share reports from study visits, conferences etc. and get the latest new from the Swedish BHO.

There are twelve EURAXESS Service Centres (ESC) in Sweden. They all follow the EURAXESS Declaration of Commitment (DoC), which means providing free personalised assistance in matters related to mobility.  Below you will find information about each ESC and contact information.

The Bridge Head Organisation (BHO) of EURAXESS Sweden is Vinnova; a government agency under the Ministry of Enterprise and Innovation, and the national contact authority for the EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation. Vinnova stimulates collaborations between companies, universities and other higher education institutions, public services, civil society and other actors. The activities also focus on strengthening international cooperation.





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Welcome Services at the University of Gothenburg coordinates the EURAXESS Network Projects 2018-2022. The project is funded by Vinnova.

The purpose of the EURAXESS Network Project is to make relevant and present issues within the European EURAXESS network visible in Sweden, and to broaden, expand and develop the Swedish network.

The activities in the project are expected to increase the visibility of Sweden as a research nation and improve the support for researcher mobility.

Welcome Services will be in charge of the Swedish EURAXESS portal; a central source of information about Sweden as a research nation. Active universities and other actors will be presented on the portal as well as available services, research positions and funding opportunities.

The BHO function in Sweden is shared, and Welcome Services will attend meetings, conferences and study visits at the European level, in order to cover the interest in current issues.

Welcome Services coordinated the previous EURAXESS Activity Projects, also supported by Vinnova, for the period 2015-2017.

Network Meeting in Lund 19-20 March 2018

During two days 26 participants from 15 universities discussed mobility for researchers.

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Sweden will take part in the upcoming TOP IV.

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One of the issues discussed at the network meetings is approaching and cooperating with the society and the industry.

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