The Swedish network consists of Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) who work actively with support for researcher mobility. The members of the network meet two-three times a year and exchange useful information, share reports from study visits, conferences etc. and get the latest new from the Swedish BHO.

There are twelve EURAXESS Service Centres (ESC) in Sweden. They all follow the EURAXESS Declaration of Commitment (DoC), which means providing free personalised assistance in matters related to mobility.  Below you will find information about each ESC and contact information.

The Bridge Head Organisation (BHO) of EURAXESS Sweden is Vinnova; a government agency under the Ministry of Enterprise and Innovation, and the national contact authority for the EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation. Vinnova stimulates collaborations between companies, universities and other higher education institutions, public services, civil society and other actors. The activities also focus on strengthening international cooperation.





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Welcome Services at the University of Gothenburg coordinates the EURAXESS Network Project 2018-2022. The project is funded by Vinnova.

The purpose of the EURAXESS Network Project is to make relevant and present issues within the European EURAXESS network visible in Sweden, and to broaden, expand and develop the Swedish network.

The activities in the project are expected to increase the visibility of Sweden as a research nation and improve the support for researcher mobility.

Welcome Services is in charge of the Swedish EURAXESS portal; a central source of information about Sweden as a research nation. For more information please contact Birgitta Karlén, Welcome Services (

The BHO function in Sweden is shared, and, together with Vinnova, Welcome Services attends meetings, conferences and study visits at the European level, in order to cover the interest in current issues. For more information please contact Karin Hellqvist, Welcome Services (

Welcome Services coordinated the previous EURAXESS Activity Projects, also supported by Vinnova, for the period 2015-2017.


Events that have taken place in 2018

- Network Meeting in Lund, 19-20 March 2018

During two days 26 participants from 15 universities discussed mobility for researchers.

Monday 19 March 
Introduction and presentation of the new network project
EURAXESS information
Presentations from study visits
Visit to International Citizen Hub in Lund
Networking dinner

Tisdag 20 mars  
Nordic conference in October 2018. Planning and engagement of network members
Current issues for the network
Working groups
Next meeting


- Information meeting in Stockholm, 13 June 2018

The agenda focused on internationalisation and 40 participants from 18 Swedish HEIs took part in the meeting.

Britta Fängström, Vinnova

SUHFs expertgroup for internationalisation issues 
Presentation by Eva Åkesson, chair of the expert group. (SUHF is The Association of Swedish Higher Education Institutions)

The ongoing investigation of Internationalisation 
Agneta Bladh, Albin Gaunt, Maria Wilenius reported from the Investigation into strengthening internationalisation of higher education and research in Sweden. Presentation and discussion of content.

Financing rules within the MSCA 
Erik Litborn, Vinnova


- Information meeting about Career Support for researchers, 14 September

The agenda focused on researchers career development.

Britta Fängström, Vinnova

Career Support in Sweden. Information from three ESC in Sweden  
Anethe Mansén, Karolinska Institutet
Åsa Thormählen, Lunds universitet 
Karin Lundström och Matts Björklund, Umeå universitet

Report from Career Development Centres – CDC Pilot Program  
Anethe Mansén, Karolinska Institutet. Presentation of the European pilot study within EURAXESS, spring 2018, where KI participated.

REFLEX workshop  
Kathrine Vangen, International Senior Adviser, NTNU Trondheim.

New tools on the EURAXESS web portal  
Birgitta Karlén & Karin Hellqvist, Göteborgs universitet. Presentation of new tools for career development.


- Nordic Staff mobility Conference, 2-3 October 2018

Gearing up for the Nordic Brain Gain.

Information and programme


- Network Meeting in Karlstad, 27-28 November 2018

During two days 25 pqrticipants from 14 universities discussed mobility for researchers.

Tuesday 27 November   
Introduction and welcome speech by vice-chancellor Johan Sterte
Welcoming international staff at Karlstad university
EURAXESS information
Reports from Nordic Staff Mobility Conference in Lund 2-3 October
Study visit at RIMS (Risk- och Miljöstudier) Risklab med Floodville-spel och ”Robotar som hjälpmedel för friska och sköra äldre människor”
Networking dinner

Wednesday 28 November   
Information from Kammarkollegiet (the public authority and a governmental (state) insurance company) regardning insurances for international staff
Working groups presentations
Next meeting


Are you interested in the presentations from the meetings? Please contact


EURAXESS TOP – Advice for Researchers and Networking Opportunities in Europe

TOP is the acronym for "Enhancing The Outreach and effectiveness of the EURAXESS network Partners". The objective of the EURAXESS TOP projects is to strengthen the EURAXESS Network.

EURAXESS TOP IV - starting in August 2018

Sweden will take part in TOP IV, by participation of the EURAXESS project managers at Welcome Services, University of Gothenburg. 

In TOP IV there will be nine work package groups (WP) and Sweden will participate in two of these. More information will follow.


ESC will again find a list of Study Visits and may apply to participate in either group study visits or individual visits arranged through TOP IV.

Please contact the Swedish EURAXESS project managers for further information, and

More information will be published after the first meeting in October.


Within the EURAXESS initiative, the Swedish network is engaged in European projects that aim to strengthen the network and services that EURAXESS offers to researchers and research managers.


EURAXIND – lncreasing industry engagement with the EURAXESS Network

EURAXESS Sweden (project managers at Welcome Services, University of Gothenburg) has been involved as a third project partner in EURAXIND. The project began in May 2016 and will finish in May 2018.

A key part of the EURAXIND project focused on identifying specific stakeholder needs around the transition researchers make from academic to other employment sectors. The information was gathered through four audience specific-surveys:

  • Survey of researchers in research performing organisations
  • Survey of intersectorally mobile researchers
  • Survey of institutional practice
  • Survey of employers’ needs

The results from the surveys as well as a project report will be published her shortly. Read more at EURAXIND website

Contact Welcome Services, University of Gothenburg for more information.


Career Development Centres pilot program

A large pool of very strong applicants applied for the Career Development Centres pilot program showing that the EURAXESS Network is relevant and ready to take on the challenges of career development in our current era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution (Industry 4.0).

Fourteen EURAXESS Centres from different countries were chosen in a pilot programme for assessing the requirements for fully-functioning CDCs, in order to support the continuous professional development of researchers/talents thus enabling them to access and benefit from a wide range of employment possibilities. Sweden was represented by Karolinska Institutet.

The EURAXESS centres can play a key role in further developing employability by providing unified services dedicated to this field across Europe. The practical results and documentation that will come out of the pilot program will be available and disseminated to all the network members. More information is provided on the EURAXESS Extranet.