Folkhälsomyndigheten The Public Health Agency of Sweden is an expert authority with responsibility for public health issues at a national level.

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Temporary entry ban to Sweden

The government has decided to impose a temporary entry ban to Sweden. The Swedish Police Authority is the authority that, through the border police, assesses who is allowed to enter Sweden and who is not.

See the website from the Swedish police for more information.


Welcome to EURAXESS in Sweden,

We provide information and assistance to mobile researchers - by means of this portal and with the support of our national EURAXESS Centres.
The portal contains practical information concerning professional and daily life in Sweden, research news, as well as information about jobs and funding opportunities. The Centres provide assistance in matters related to mobility and help researchers and their families to plan and organize their move.

All services of the EURAXESS network are free of charge.


Are you a researcher who would like to work in Sweden? Or are you a Swedish researcher who would like to travel abroad?

The Euraxess Job Funding Search can assist with finding the right research role for you. Use the search-function above or if you search from a mobile unit, see the top menue Jobs & Funding.

This portal also contains practical information and administrative procedures that affect researchers and their families when moving to a foreign country. See the top menue Information & Assistance.

READ MORE ABOUT RESEARCH IN SWEDEN      Sweden, Leading the World in Innovation
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Maximise your potential


Have you got a great idea? Do you need help developing it? You can find partners in business and academia to help you get started and find out about patents, funding and more.


Find the best research talent

Are you looking for someone to join your research team?

Register your institution on the EURAXESS portal. Publish vacancies, scholarships and hosting opportunities through the EURAXESS Jobs Database. As an organization registered on the EURAXESS portal, you also have access to the researcher database and can search for a suitable candidate.



Add talent to your team

Find and recruit the best entrepreneurs and researchers from all disciplines across the world.

Register your company on the EURAXESS portal. Publish vacancies through the EURAXESS Jobs Database. As an employer registered on the EURAXESS portal, you also have access to the researcher database and can search for a suitable candidate.


with overall information about EURAXESS,
statistics on published jobs,
news & events etc.

Watch a video about the portal and get to know how to use it for the best purpose.

A Research Career in Sweden?

Sweden is one of the most R&D-intensive countries in the world, with research that is both broad and specialized. Sweden has a leading position in areas like environmental technology, life science, ICT and nanotechnology. The main contributors to Swedish R&D expenditure is the business sector (58 per cent) and the public sector (27 per cent).

Read more about research in Sweden at (The Swedish Research Council and in the publication The Swedish Research Barometer)

Higher education and research, described at

5 reasons to work in Sweden:

  1. Workers have strong rights
  2. Equality is key
  3. Your family can get residence permits
  4. Innovation is highly valued
  5. The welfare system is inclusive

5 facts about life and work in Sweden
(Video from the Swedish Institute)


Career opportunities are numerous and varied within the university and academia at large, but also outside of academia.

The universities in Sweden usually have well-developed forms of regional and international collaboration with industry and commerce, the public sector and organizations.

Don't miss the new section with career development resources for researchers at the EURAXESS main portal.

Follow the direct link to the section here

Watch the short video presenting the contents of the career development section including the tools available.

EURAXESS is also your gateway to Science4Refugees, a Commission's initiative helping refugees who are researchers find suitable jobs in today's challenging research landscape. Part of the initiative, is the Science4Refugees Research Buddies, supporting refugee scientists in finding European researchers to discuss problems with, find solutions and study together, by matching their research field, scientific studies and interests.



Swedish Research Council
Several major initiatives in virus research.
Artificial intelligence has great potential to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions and adapt society to climate change. Vinnova and Formas...