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Information and advice online

1177 is a website and a phone number
  • It offers extensive advice on healthcare topics in several languages as well as a search function (in Swedish) for nearby healthcare centres.
  • It is a 24-hour provider of free healthcare information and consulting.
  • Phone 1177, or if you call from outside Sweden the number is: +46 771 11 77 00.
  • Visit the official website


How much do I have to pay for medical care?

Access to subsidised healthcare in Sweden is based on residency. See what applies for you below.

You pay the standard Swedish patient fee to receive necessary care, provided you fulfill the requirements below.

You are an EU/EEA or Swiss citizens – insured in another EU/EEA country. You are then entitled to necessary healthcare from the public healthcare in Sweden provided that you have:

  • a valid passport or national ID card
  • European Health Insurance Card or a provisional replacement certificate of the EHIC-card
  • a certificate to prove the right to care benefits in Sweden for people who are residents in another EU/EEA country or Switzerland. Please contact the Social Insurance Agency to apply for a certificate.

If you come from another Nordic country, you only need to show an ID card and provide your home address. N.B that the EHIC card covers emergency care and chronic illness only.



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At there is more information abou Healthcare in Sweden