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Opening a bank account


Limited account to full account

When you open a bank account in Sweden, you may receive an ATM card and link internet and telephone banking services to your account. Under anti-money laundering legislation, banks are required to stringently verify customer identity. A bank account opened without a Swedish personal identity number has limited features.

If you later receive a Swedish personal identity number, you can update to an account with more features (BankID, Swish etc). Once you have received your Swedish identity personal number as well as a Swedish identity card from the Tax Agency, visit the bank and change the status of your account. You must make it clear why you want this change. It is advisable to have bring the decision from the Tax Agency at hand.


Do not forget to report the correct account to the employer.


We recommend that you have a plan for the economic situation for the first weeks in Sweden due to the time it takes to arrange the id number and a bank account.


See Becoming a bank customer of a Swedish bank and Guidance to opening a Swedish bank account.


Bank offices are generally open Monday–Friday, 10 am–4 pm.

Major Swedish banks:


Danske Bank







Bank ID

BankID is widely used in Sweden. It is a common way to identify yourself in digital environments. In order to obtain a BankID, you must have a Swedish Personal Identity Number and be a customer of one of the banks that issues BankID. You need to make a personal contact to the bank. Read more at the website of BankID

Paying with cards

Once in Sweden, you will be able to use most international pay cards in stores, banks and cash machines/ATM’s. Note, to a large extent Sweden is a cash-free society. While most stores and restaurants still accept cash, some will only accept payments via bankcards or Swish. Read more about paying with cards in Sweden.

Currency converter

With a currency converter you can convert most common currencies to and from Swedish crowns, SEK.

Bank holidays

Here you can find information on current Swedish bank holidays.