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Swedish work environment regulations apply to everyone who works in Sweden.


The Swedish Work Environment Authority is an authority that has the mandate from the government and the Paliament (Riksdag) to see that laws about work environment and working hours are followed by companies and organisations.

On their website you will find more information about e.g:
- The Working Hours Act, that contains regulations about how much an employee is allowed to work per day, week and year etc.
- Discrimination, in Sweden, no one may be discriminated against. This means that no one may be disadvantaged based upon gender, transgender identity or expression, ethnicity, religion or other belief, disability, sexual orientation, or age.
- The right of parental leave in connection with the birth of a child, that may not be affected by differential treatment.
- Etc.


Government employee

Most HEIs in Sweden belong to the public sector. This means that if you are employed by one of these HEIs, you are a government employee.

Employment conditions in the Swedish central government sector are very similar to those of employees in other sectors of the labour market. In principle the same overall labour law applies to the public sector as to other sectors in the labour market. There is no life-long employment guarantee in central government posts. If redundancies become necessary, permanent employees may also be laid off.
The information above and much more about being a govenment employee, is to be found in the publication Central Government and delegated employer resposibility, published by The Swedish Agency for Government Employers (SAGE) at


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