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Finding a place to stay will be one of the first issues to look into when you have decided to move to Sweden. Give yourself plenty of time to make all necessary arrangements before leaving your home country.

Always check first with the university or company where you will do your research as some of them provide accommodation to their international researchers. There is no national system that handles requests for researcher accommodation, but many universities have housing resources available for researchers, and can provide you with further information.

The availability and costs of accommodation vary considerably from place to place. Usually, it is easier to find housing in smaller and middle-sized cities or towns. Demand is higher in the larger cities, especially in Stockholm and Gothenburg, and in the university cities of Lund and Uppsala.

Below are two links to websites with information about different forms of housing, how to look for housing, what rights and obligations you have when living in multi-family housing etc.

Moving to Sweden in 10 steps

Study in Sweden

See Find personal assistance below for information on housing in specific areas in Sweden.

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