Career development

Career Development

Career opportunities are numerous and varied within the universities and academia at large, but also outside of academia.

You will find career service support for students and graduates at almost all Swedish universities and higher educational institutions. See a complete list of Higher Education Institutions in Sweden.
Once you have found your HEI, search for career services on their website.

Read about Career and promotion at SULF:s website

There is information about careers outside academia and what to consider when changing jobs. SULF, Swedish Association of University Teachers and Researchers, is the association for university teachers, researchers and doctoral candidates.


On this portal there are five Swedish universities listed as EURAXESS Career Development Centres: Karlstad University, Karolinska Institutet, Lund University, Umeå University and Uppsala University.


More information, different tools and traning resources

See the European EURAXESS portal - but first, see the short video presenting the contents of the section, including the tools available there.