EnForce - now recruiting 16 environmental researchers

The Man Technology Environment Research Centre (MTM) at Örebro University focuses on applied research on chemical compounds of different origin in the environment and their relations to sustainable development.

We are now in the process of establishing the Environmental Forensic (EnForce) Laboratory. It is a new research effort funded by the Knowledge Foundation research profile program in collaboration with ten partners from trade and industry and the Swedish Toxicology Sciences Research Center (Swetox). The main goal of the EnForce Laboratory is to track and identify environmental pollutants with a better understanding of their effects. The objectives are to develop and apply advanced analytical methods including metabolomics, bioassay technologies and speciation for effect-directed analysis and hazard assessment of the full spectrum of toxicologically relevant anthropogenic chemicals, mixtures, transformation products and metals in the bio- and technospheres.

The Environmental Forensic Laboratory, EnForce, is now recruiting 2 postdoctoral fellows, 6 postdoctoral researchers, 5 PhD students, 2 laboratory technicians, and 1 data manager to join the laboratory. See positions available at EnForce here: https://www.oru.se/english/research/research-environments/ent/mtm/research-teams/enforce/positions-available-at-enforce/