15 Assistant/Associate Professorship recruitment packages in Materials Science for Sustainability

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The Wallenberg Initiative Materials Science for Sustainability (WISE, https://wise-materials.org) is the largest-ever investment in materials science in Sweden and will encompass major efforts at seven of Sweden’s foremost universities over the course of (at least) 10 years. The aim is to create the conditions for a sustainable society by researching the next generation of ecofriendly functional materials and manufacturing processes. This will also facilitate better technology for energy systems of the future, and to combat climate change, pollution, and toxic emissions. Specifically, efforts will be devoted to identifying new or significantly improved materials, which provide a distinct advantage in physical, chemical, biological, or functional performance when compared to existing materials and technologies. This relates to materials that demand fewer resources, are less environmentally hazardous, and enable sound and efficient recycling processes. WISE will also explore materials that, when used in energy technology, generate less negative climate impact under operation, while offering high performance and efficiency when in action at large scales.

In this first call for recruitment, we are announcing 15 generous WISE Fellowship faculty recruitment packages at the six partner institutions, Chalmers University of Technology (Gothenburg), KTH Royal Institute of Technology (Stockholm), Linköping University, Lund University, Stockholm University, and Uppsala University, as well as at Luleå Institute of Technology.

The positions planned for recruitment are listed here. For more details and live application links, visit wise-materials.org/faculty1

WISE Fellowship positions

  • Discovery of sustainable materials through advanced instrumentation
  • Electrocatalytic materials for green hydrogen
  • Materials chemistry towards nanoporous materials for conversion and storage of fossil-free energy, purification of air and water, and for future sustainable solutions
  • Organic synthesis towards sustainable heterogeneous catalysis
  • Materials science of active low-dimensional (inorganic) materials for efficient and high-rate conversion and capture technologies
  • Materials science with a focus on sustainable metals
  • Additive structuring of multifunctional materials for sustainable manufacturing
  • Sustainable and efficient metal recovery in a circular economy
  • Synthesis of inorganic materials for green energy applications (Materials Chemistry)
  • Development of material heterostructures with atomic level control for a sustainable society
  • Synthesis of novel functional materials for clean energy
  • New materials for in situ mitigation of persistent contaminants in soil, groundwater, and sediments
  • Materials chemistry towards circular materials and processes
  • Magnetic or optical materials for sustainable energy applications
  • Atom- and multi-scale modelling of functional material for green applications

Recruitment package

Each recruitment package includes (i) salary for the recruited faculty member (4 years FTE during max. 5 years); (ii) research/consumables funding; (iii) salary for two PhD students (4 years each); (iv) salary for two postdocs (2 years each); and (v) additional support for overheads and facilities. Further details can be found in the application links as they go live during Spring 2022.

Application procedure and timeline

Application for each position is done through each partner university’s job announcement system. Links to these official application sites are compiled at wise-materials.org/faculty1.

Each of the 15 positions will open for application during the period 2 May – 15 September 2022. They will close during the period 15 August – ~end October 2022.

Check the link above for details and the ability to sign up for email updates as the positions open for application.