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The information contained in the regional information pages will be of most use once you know your destination in Sweden. National Atlas of Sweden provides you with a map over Sweden.


Do you have the address and would like to see how to get there? Have a look at the Yellow Pages. The text is in Swedish but just type the address in the box and click. Sweden is divided into 21 counties, or län, each of which has its own County Administration Board (only in Swedish), länsstyrelse and Governor, landshövding. The Board is a government body responsible for overseeing that the national goals, laid down by the Swedish parliament and government, are realised at county level. The Board also functions as a link between the county inhabitants, the municipal authorities, the Central Government, the Swedish Parliament and the central State. 


The country can be split into 5 main regions: North and South, West and Central, and the Stockholm & Uppsala region.


Map of Sweden and the other Nordic countries

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