Swedish language

Learn Swedish in advance

You can study Swedish before coming here! Swedish language and culture are taught in several countries and there are also web courses in Swedish. More information at Swedish teaching abroad

Folkuniversitetet also offer a number of distance learning course. 

Other possibities on the internet to learn Swedish:

Learn Swedish in Sweden

Depending on the location of your stay there are different options for learning Swedish while in the country. More information at www.sweden.se 
Folkuniversitetet, Medborgarskolan and other organisations offer Swedish courses in many areas of Sweden. See also the Regional information section.


Swedish for immigrants (SFI) provides knowledge of the Swedish language and Swedish society. Municipalities have an obligation to offer SFI to newly arrived adult immigrants. Programs may be organised differently from municipality to municipality, so check with your kommun.

Translation help

Need some help with Swedish words in a research environment? Euraxess Sweden has compiled  130 useful words to download.  


Look here for a dictionary on-line that translates words between different languages. Another website translates whole paragraphs.

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