Residence permit

Residence permit

EU or EEA citizens

As of 30th April, 2006, EU/EEA citizens no longer need residence and work permits to stay in Sweden for longer than 3 months. You must however register with the Swedish Migration Board within 3 months of arriving. Registration/application can be done at the nearest local office of the Migration Board. Your registration certificate will then be mailed to your address in Sweden. The Swedish Migration Board's website has full instructions. Most people are now able to apply on-line via the Swedish Migration Board.

Nordic country citizens

If you are a citizen of a Nordic country (Norway, Finland, Iceland or Denmark), you do not need a residence permit.

Third country

New legislation came into force on 1 July 2008 which is based on the EU´s Researchers´ Visa Directive. The purpose is to make it easier for researchers outside the EU/EES to enter, remain and move freely within the area. A hosting agreement can be found at the web-site of the Swedish Migration Board.

Swedish embassies and consulates abroad

Before coming to Sweden you could contact the Swedish representation in your home country.

Foreign embassies in Sweden

In some cases your home country's embassy or consulate in Sweden might help you out on certain issues regarding your stay in Sweden.

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