Entry into Sweden

Sweden.se is Sweden's official website for information about Sweden to the outside world. It is a portal site offering a joint platform for organisations with overall responsibility for providing information about Sweden abroad. The aim of Sweden.se is to make matters considerably easier for people seeking information about Sweden in English. The website Visit Sweden consists of several sections which present a taste of what Sweden has to offer.

Driver's license

If you have a driver's license from another EU/EEA country, you can use it in Sweden for the duration of your stay, up until it expires. If your existing license is not from an EU/EEA country, then you can use it for up to a year from the date you register as a resident. After that, you need to have a Swedish driver's license. To get a Swedish driver's license, you need to pass both a written test and a driving test. For more information on these tests visit Körkortsportalen

Import of food, car and animals 

For information regarding import of meat, canned food, medicines, antiques, cars etc please consult Tullverket, the Swedish Customs Office or Jordbruksverket for food. Cars can be brought to Sweden but the regulations depend on the country from which the car is imported. For further information conctact Transportstyrelsen, the Swedish Transport Agency. Within the EU-countries it is no longer required that you apply for an import licence for your pet dog or cat before entering Sweden. For further information contact Jordbruksverket, the Swedish Board of Agriculture.



Page last updated: 15.05.2015

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