Live and work in Sweden

We welcome your interest and decision to live and work in Sweden! It is a country with a high standard of living and a family-friendly society. 


There are a number of practical issues to look into before moving to another country and we hope that this portal will answer your questions. In this section, Live and Work in Sweden, you will find information about things to consider such as applying for work and residence permits, language courses, health, schooling for accompanying family members and other practical details. The Swedish Institute has specific websites for living in Sweden and working in Sweden.


In the section Regional information you will find practical issues specifically relating to various regions of Sweden, for instance accommodation, language courses, and cultural aspects, etc. In the section Entry into Sweden, you will find practicalities that must be dealt with before travelling to Sweden, and suggestions relating to your stay.


Some of the information found in this section is divided into two parts, one that relates to EU/EEA members coming to Sweden, and the other relates to people arriving from non-European counties. Before coming to Sweden, it is a good idea to check out the many websites on offer to have an idea about your new host country.


The Swedish Institute has compiled presentations, images and fact sheets about Sweden, as well as information about courses in Swedish.

Page last updated: 30.06.2014

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